Cool, Matt!

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Wed Apr 6 16:58:17 PDT 2005

Thanks to Nikolas Britton (his is not
	readable BTW, probably deliberately to save read load )
Thanks to those who setup torrent stuff.  I'm new to torrent, so
for anyone else who may be too, this is what I did:
	cd /usr/ports/net/ ; echo *torrent*
		ctorrent py-bittorrent py-bittorrent-core py-shadow-bittorrent
		py-shadow-bittorrent-core qtorrent torrentsniff
	cd ctorrent ; make install ; rehash ; 
	cd ~/tmp ; ctorrent techtv-freebsd_clusters.avi.torrent
I immediately got a 176M file (obviously just an empy lseek created
thing, to be filled later).   Over an hour later, du still showed
no progress, at Thu Apr  7 01:47:18 CEST 2005 (CEST = Greenwich
+01:00) & I still had
	Create On: Tue Apr  5 20:39:23 2005
	Piece length: 262144
	<1>  techtv-freebsd_clusters.avi [176344994]
	Total: 168 MB
	Already/Total: 0/673
	Listen on: 2706
	\ 2,[9/673/673],653,2931 | 0,0  E:0          
Failure!  Was it just that no servers were up running ?
(I ran it on an external host, to avoid firewall obstruction).
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