Fund Raiser

Aaron Siegel bulk_mail at
Tue Apr 5 12:45:50 PDT 2005


According to netcraft there are 2.5 million webservers are running FreeBSD,
If each one of these sites gave a dollar each year that could fund a lot 
development.  My thought was to create a mechanism, that allow users to 
pledge a certain amount of money for each time they access cvsup. This would 
be completely voluntary, of course. For example someone could pledge a dollar 
for a cvsup a copy of the src and 50 cents for ports.  Each year or quarter 
the user will receive a summary of their cvs usage and the user will have the 
option of paying that amount or more or less, what ever they can afford at 
the time. It is more active method of seeking donations.  Once the donation 
start coming in it can be reversed, to provide rewards for contribution to 
FreeBSD to reward the developers.  The funds may help pay developers to task 
that need to be done but may require a little incentive to get them done.   
These is just an idea I have been pondering, I have not figured out how to 
implement it or how to deal with the politics.

Aaron Siegel

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