Please explain.

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Sun Sep 19 03:13:05 PDT 2004


Martin P. Hellwig wrote:
> timh at wrote:
> <cut>
> Well, fair enough but it still comes down to if you have a other OS 
> which does what you need than use that OS.

SMP support is only one thing to consider.

> But perhaps you require the BSD license for you biz?
> Actually I'm not very knowledged (far from) about design and multithread 
> issues however from what I read is that mulitple CPU's is a real pain 
> and the one who managed it the best is SUN (only read that - not sure 
> about it), but there working 10 years on this issues and get paid for 

The main difference is that they live from selling the hardware. If 
their operating system would not support their very own hardware up to 
the extent, their sales would drop.

Sun's support for multiple CPUs includes also things which are not even 
supported by standard x86 hardware. Try to exchange a CPU while your PC 
based machine is running.


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