Please explain.

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Sun Sep 19 00:33:54 PDT 2004

timh at wrote:
> 2 Major Issues:
> - FreeBSD has a processor affinity design issue

thanks for the non combatative and diplomatically styled message?

> - The core kernel issues with FreeBSD is the horrible threading
> support.There is so much crap in FreeBSD kernel. The multithreading issue in
> freebsd has been delayed for nearly 6 years. They have just made work
> arounds, not fixing the actual problem. It seems that the only real BSD that
> has made big progress on the core issues is DragonflyBSD.

Dragonfly BSD is a branch of freeBSD that we are all watching with great
interest. The advantage that is available there is the decision to go back
to teh drawing board and start from scratch, thereby breaking a lot, in the
hope of being able to fix it again when teh parts afe all completed. It
is a very interesting experiment and as such, FreeBSD developers in general
are watching with interest.

>  It appears that FreeBSD have a clear Multi-threading lock-in issue that
> needs to be fixed. Not work arounds. According to many freebsd developers
> nobody simply wants to fix this, is it true that the current smp work are
> just 'work-arounds' not real fixing?

Well if you could explain yourself in English I'd have more of a chance
of answering your questions. The big challenge with FreeBSD and MP is that
we have to get from a "here" (where there was no MP at all) the a "there"
(where there is), while having every step of the way between being a runnable
stable (within reason) system. This greatly limits how things are done.
The current SMP work is not just "workarounds" but rather steps needed
to get from A to B.   Sometimes you can't see what the final picture is
by looking at an intermediate step in isolation.

> The only thing holding FreeBSD back is the Multithreading issue.

I wish you would explain this statement. It could be interpretted in so
many ways that it really is almost meaningless. (Some of the interpretatiosn
however are not..)

> Please clarify this.

Sure.. how about you clarify your question first however.

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