Please explain.

timh at timh at
Sat Sep 18 19:30:38 PDT 2004

Your taking it the wrong way, I was simply asking a question to the
developers to confirm this.

I have standardized on FreeBSD.

I apologized if I made it seem like I was trolling, not my intention.

If a business were to standardize on FreeBSD, they would love to know if the
multithreading issues would be fixed completely correctly not just

sorry and thanks
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> On Sun, 2004-09-19 at 02:14, timh at wrote:
> > Ask the FreeBSD developers, any of them with honesty should tell you or
> > proof me false. I dare you to proof this false, I would be so happy if
> > did. Just because I'm using MS Mailer does not reflect whom I am. I have
> > only 1 MS workstation with 9 others unix.
> >
> > I expected a mature response from most of you, calling names is NOT the
> > to resolve problems. I just want an answer to see if this is true.
> >
> > **Is it true**? This is what I've noticed myself and many high-scale
> > developers.
> >
> > Thank you
> 1) The burden of proof is on the person making the allegations.
> 2) Calling a troll on being a troll is mature.
> 3) If you believe it to be true, then don't use FreeBSD. Nobody is tying
> your hands here. You believe DragonFlyBSD to be superior? Then use it.
> Maybe I just don't see the big deal here, but the developers owe you
> nothing.

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