RE.Serious investigations into UNIX and Windows

Jon Drews jon.drews at
Sat Oct 23 21:12:14 PDT 2004

On Sat, 23 Oct 2004 21:55:32 -0600, Ed Stover <estover at> wrote:
> better than MS products in server environments.
> Some friends of mine have told me that yahoo, msn and microsoft all use
> FreeBSD but until i can show him that and prove it to him that means
> nothing.

The fact that MSN and Microsoft used FreeBSD was in two articles that
appeared in the Wall Street Journal.  The reporter went on to point
out the iorny of Microsoft using Open Source secretly while vilifying
it publicly.

Is Microsoft secretly using open source?
By Lee Gomes
The Wall Street Journal Online
June 17, 2001, 5:00 PM PT

FreeBSD used on Hotmail?
But Microsoft's statements Friday suggest the company has itself been
taking advantage of the very technology it has insisted would bring
dire consequences to others. "I am appalled at the way Microsoft
bashes open source on the one hand, while depending on it for its
business on the other," said Marshall Kirk McKusick, a leader of the
FreeBSD development team....
...But Friday, Microsoft conceded FreeBSD was still being used at
Hotmail on machines that track advertising and that run a crucial
Internet function known as "DNS hosting." A Microsoft spokesman said
he couldn't explain why Microsoft had given out incorrect information
on the topic....
...But one employee of the Redmond, Wash., company said Microsoft has
deliberately kept FreeBSD in parts of Hotmail because of its technical
superiority over Windows in important functions and furthermore had
decided to actually increase its reliance on FreeBSD.

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