FreeBSD training in Phoenix, Arizona in December

Jon Drews jon.drews at
Sat Oct 16 14:54:28 PDT 2004

Hi Jeremy and others:

 Isn't there some way that this could be done over the internet? I
mean we have the "talk" (man 1 talk) software. We can project X apps
by ssh. Maybe audio could be sent by Ogg - Vorbis? Is it really
necessary to be in a classroom? Couldn't the participants paste errors
or portions of /etc files, they had questions about,  in the talk
window ?
 I would love to go to MarketBridge Technologies FreeBSD class, in
Ottawa, but it's too far away (for right now).

                                 Kind regards,

On Sat, 16 Oct 2004 10:58:02 -0700 (PDT), Jeremy C. Reed
<reed at> wrote:
> An important part of FreeBSD advocacy is providing training, free or paid.

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