FreeBSD and the future

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Maybe I didn't make it clear enough. I am looking for direction in terms of comparing FreeBSD and mainstream Linux distros. I am not looking to debate the merits of text-based installation vs. gui-based. Where can I go to find out the differences?

In my business, graphics, I use Macs and Windows machines. Linux is used for serving data and the like, but is beginning to open up some possibilities to me on the client side. Among other things, I need to know if I can turn someone loose on FreeBSD that is not overly computer literate... strictly word procesing, email and web surfing. Also, in terms of server use, how much different would it be to set up a FreeBSD server than setting up a SuSE Linux-based server.

Just looking for some links and/or general data.


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>/stand/sysinstall, IMO is easier then the fancy GUI's they have included 
>with Redhat.
>Hasn't this discussion been broughten up time and time again?
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>> Hi,
>> I am a periodic poster on this list. Over time, I am sure this 
>> question/issue has been brought up before, but I am very interested in 
>> alternatives to not only Windows but also Linux. Obviously, in terms of 
>> open source news and info, Linux gets a huge amount of press. I'd like to 
>> see FreeBSD compared against certain Linux distros, such as SuSE and 
>> Mandrake in terms of ease-of-use, installation complexity and application 
>> availability. I know there are tons of apps available to Linux users, but 
>> I also know that there are many FreeBSD ports of the same apps.
>> In the past, my biggest issue with FreeBSD was the installation procedure. 
>> Not being a UNIX guru, I bailed on several attempts to get FreeBSD up and 
>> running. This was 2 years ago, I'm sure a lot of the issues have been 
>> straightened out.
>> Thanks!!!
>> MLF
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