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> hello,
> I own a small computer & gaming store. i was wondering if you could
send me some freebsd posters & pamphlets & other such materials for
advertisements. i have allot of people come through who are very smart
&  a few who use freebsd & they have told me contact you that it is a
awesome OS.I have ordered the 5 from fastdiscs.com.  i would also like
information on being a reseller. it is a small company so we couldn't
keep more than 10 or 15 copies on hand  at the current time/location.
> please get back to me.


FreeBSD isn't a company; it's an all volunteer project. The people that
can best help you can be found at advocacy at freebsd.org. I'm cc'ing this
mail to them. I suggest you contact them yourself, as well. Apparently,
the people on this list, freebsd-questions at freebsd.org, only respond to
offers of help for the project when it comes from a spammer, not a
legitimate business. (I know you don't understand that last remark, but
it isn't meant for you.)

Thanks and good luck,


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