John Von Essen john at essenz.com
Mon May 17 06:24:36 PDT 2004

If the hosting provider is stupid enough to not realize forged headers,
then I wouldn't use them regardless.


On Mon, 17 May 2004, Scott I. Remick wrote:

> For almost a year I have been using iPowerWeb as my webhost because of their
> great uptime, use of FreeBSD servers, recommendations from other people, and
> various services and features they provided. It was also a very good price.
> I used them to run a FreeBSD advocacy site for my state: www.vtbsd.net
> Just recently they suddenly turned off my site due to complaints about me
> sending spam. I know for a fact that I did not send any spam... these were
> forged From: headers like so many spams send these days. I am being told it
> will not be reactivated.
> I'm having trouble getting through to anyone to talk sense. So I'm asking
> the list: does anyone have any contacts at this company they could get me
> in-touch with? I spent a long time getting things set up with them and
> moving to another company would set me back tremendously. Other webhosts
> don't offer the same features as they do. So I'd really like to try and work
> this out with them.
> Maybe it's a long-shot but it's worth a try.
> Thanks
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