Scott I. Remick scott at sremick.net
Mon May 17 05:22:31 PDT 2004

For almost a year I have been using iPowerWeb as my webhost because of their
great uptime, use of FreeBSD servers, recommendations from other people, and
various services and features they provided. It was also a very good price.

I used them to run a FreeBSD advocacy site for my state: www.vtbsd.net

Just recently they suddenly turned off my site due to complaints about me
sending spam. I know for a fact that I did not send any spam... these were
forged From: headers like so many spams send these days. I am being told it
will not be reactivated.

I'm having trouble getting through to anyone to talk sense. So I'm asking
the list: does anyone have any contacts at this company they could get me
in-touch with? I spent a long time getting things set up with them and
moving to another company would set me back tremendously. Other webhosts
don't offer the same features as they do. So I'd really like to try and work
this out with them.

Maybe it's a long-shot but it's worth a try.


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