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Aaron Siegel aj at
Fri May 14 18:02:48 PDT 2004


Appreciate all the responses, they all the links have be very informative.  I 
am slowly putting all the links together and hopfully do something with that 

There are couple of reason that I was interested in finding hosting company, 
general infomation, my company is looking for a new company to host email and 
web services (just in case my boss lower himself to my level to speak with me 
I will have a list for him) and I will need a new place to host my personal 

Thank you
Aaron Siegel

On Thursday 13 May 2004 01:30 pm, Aaron Siegel wrote:
> Hello
> I know this has been ask many times before, but  I will ask it again.  Are
> there any list of companies or does anyone know of any good hosting
> companies (email, web,....) that use FreeBSD servers.
> Thank you
> Aaron Siegel
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