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Johnson David DavidJohnson at
Tue Mar 30 11:19:19 PST 2004

On Tuesday 30 March 2004 07:26 am, John Von Essen wrote:

> And... It doesn't help when they go to It makes FreeBSD
> seem NON-enterprise. Personally, i think the site is fine, but Im a
> tech, not a CTO. Maybe, can be redesigned have a
> or look-n-feel, and can retain - the developer
> community look-n-feel.

I hate to say this, but FreeBSD is definitely NON-enterprise. That's 
because we are not an enterprise! We are a non-commercial community 
based operating system.

There is no way we could have a Redhat or SuSE style site, because we 
don't sell anything or provide paid support. We don't have "Business 
Customers", commercial "solutions", shrink wrapped boxes, offer 
certification, funds for professionally created graphics, etc. Some of 
this could be provided by commercial vendors of FreeBSD (Daemonnews, 
FreeBSD Mall), but not by FreeBSD itself.

Actually, now that I look at it, the FreeBSD site follows the same basic 
layout as the KDE site. Last I heard KDE was turning heads in the 


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