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Tue Mar 30 03:55:39 PST 2004

Charon wrote:
> Anyone care to comment on this at
> 	To anonymous FreeBSD user. 
This is unpleasant. I never post anonymously. It leads others to think 
I'm "hiding".

> 	Due to its licence, FreeBSD cannot become an enterprise platform
> 	from the vendor's perspective. They all fear heavy proprietisation
> 	and forking of any non-GPL codebase.  
And this explains the existence of the BSD IP stack in MS, Novel? Not to 
mention that nearly everyone uses ISC Bind (including MS)... Which is 
also under a BSD license.

IBM and Sun got in bed with Linux because Linux was a buzz word. No harm 
in that, it's just good business. It still is. But it had nothing to do 
with the GPL. And remember, Linus holds the copyright to the kernel. 
It's released under the GPL, but he can stop further release any time he 
chooses. FreeBSD belongs to an organization, not an individual...
> 	The only OS that can fly to where the Open Source world wants it to
> 	fly is Linux, FreeBSD is now 5+ years behind in terms of enterprise
> 	readiness. Please keep up with the times and avoid this whole OS
> 	pissing contest thing. 
Who is the "Open source world?" Who says it want's to fly anywhere? How 
do you calculate 5+ years? All of this is well written, but it's 
composed of empty words.
> 	Remember, we're not talking single-CPU internet servers anymore.
> 	FreeBSD cannot scale to 64 CPUs nor does it have the hardware support
> 	necessary to breach the enterprise space.
I guess this means that only SGI is truly ready for the "Enterprise" as 
they can scale to more processors on a single back plane than anyone else.

This is all lovely prose, but meaningless. What is an enterprise? How 
many servers with more than 4 processors does the "average enterprise" 
have? How many of those servers will run without nonproprietary OS's?

Every OS has strengths and weaknesses. They are tools, not religions.

Bob Martin
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