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Mike Hoskins mike at
Sat Mar 13 16:29:59 PST 2004

for the sake of correctness...

On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, Paul Robinson wrote:
> Willie Viljoen wrote:

you put someone else's name...

> > i don't think anyone said "workgroup servers are[n't] servers."

on my words.

> I think you did actually when you said in your post dated Wednesday the
> 10th March 2004 at 07:16, and I quote:
> "If you feel that Windows 2003 or what ever, doing MS Exchange and some
> file
> sharing, is a server, then you're welcome to continue living under your
> very
> comfortable rock, just don't complain about things you've lost touch
> with
> then, alright?"

and then gave me credit for someone else's words.

> Perhaps you'd like to explain, and then perhaps apologise to the list
> and the person to whom you were suggesting has "lost touch"?

you confused things so much, i'm pretty sure whose lost touch...  although
i never made that statement in the past.

> I wrote a lengthy answer to the rest of your e-mail, then I realised you
> were just trolling and your post was just the e-mail equivalent of
> verbal diarrhoea.

i'm not sure who you're replying to at this point, but for someone who
likes to accuse people of trolling and behavior that's unhelpful to the
project, you seem to do a lot of the prior and have an attitude that
exemplifies the latter.

i'll assume you just haven't had your coffee.  ;)


 "Information Warfare? Given the state of the industry, what we need is
  Information Welfare."  --Richard A Steenbergen

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