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Paul Robinson p.robinson at
Thu Mar 11 04:17:26 PST 2004

Willie Viljoen wrote:

> i don't think anyone said "workgroup servers are[n't] servers."

I think you did actually when you said in your post dated Wednesday the
10th March 2004 at 07:16, and I quote:

"If you feel that Windows 2003 or what ever, doing MS Exchange and some
sharing, is a server, then you're welcome to continue living under your
comfortable rock, just don't complain about things you've lost touch
then, alright?"

Perhaps you'd like to explain, and then perhaps apologise to the list
and the person to whom you were suggesting has "lost touch"?
I wrote a lengthy answer to the rest of your e-mail, then I realised you
were just trolling and your post was just the e-mail equivalent of
verbal diarrhoea.

FreeBSD is good at what it does. Like it or not, in the last couple of
years, MS have got good at what they do. The respective OSes are not
good at doing each other's jobs.

Perhaps you should give some thought to going back to Slashdot and
hanging around with the Linux zealots talking about how "Micro$0ft
$uXx0RRZZZ!!!". Your attitude really isn't comparable to that of the
majority of FreeBSD users I know, and I'm not sure if you're going to
fit in around here if you fail to realise people are going to use what
works, not what their political ideology dictates regardless of the

I could be patronising and put it down to immaturity and lack of
experience, but I'd rather just start ignoring you instead.

Looking forward to your apology,


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