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Mon Mar 8 23:39:47 PST 2004

> I do agree that FreeBSD is an amazing Operating System
> and would be a great way to go for a desktop system. 
> Various *BSD have their strengths.  I referenced
> EkkoBSD for a potential installer, just tossing out
> some ideas.  Please keep in mind that I do enjoy the
> current installer, I wouldn't change it.

Yea, I don't know what to expect out of EkkoBSD though as I haven't seen an ISO that uses the graphical installer. Regardless, looking into it is a great idea as there may be a good portion of code that we'll be able to salvage. I really wish that EkkoBSD's first step should have been with that installer, no matter how buggy it actually was. It is, in essence, all that EkkoBSD is (from my understanding).

I never implied that we should change the current FreeBSD CD in any way, my idea is for an additional CD that utilizes the same packages with a different installer and a different default setup. A 'Workstation' CD.

I know that there are people working on this, but I still think that the ports/pkg_add system isn't being exploited to its maximum benefit. GUI tools for these (that allowed you to download binaries off would provide something equal to (if not greater than) the Lin---ws [What a stupid name] click and add/whatever functionality. Only the FreeBSD one is, well, free.

> I still have to disagree about file formats which
> equate to vendor lock-in (IMHO).  I will also agree
> that a little more publicity wouldn't hurt anything
> either.  Being more in the public could do some
> benefit to the community.  
> Once again these are only my opinions.
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