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Mon Mar 8 16:09:30 PST 2004

On Mon, 8 Mar 2004 11:20:01 -0800
Johnson David <DavidJohnson at> wrote:

> On Sunday 07 March 2004 12:57 pm, Donald Turnbull wrote:
> > Plans exist aplenty. Talk is cheap. See, for instance the libh
> > project stuff -- --
> > which was a nice idea in many ways but has entirely failed to
> > produce any results for about the last two years. What is missing
> > are concrete pieces of code: applications that work. If you think
> > you can do better than what we have presently, you are very
> > welcome to submit samples of works in progress.
> I think libh died because of me. I joined the list, and my "let me 
> introduce myself" post was the last message ever on their mailing
> list. Maybe it's my deodorant :-(
> Seriously, I think the problem with libh was that it tried to do too
> much. I was to be a new package manager, sysinstall and GUI toolkit
> all wrapped up into one library. There was just too much stuff to
> get working correctly in the foundation before anyone could start
> working on the actually functionality. And the fact that you had to
> keep around old incompatible ports like qt2-static didn't help.
> What needs to be done is to go back to the UNIX way of doing things,
> and divide up the problem into a set of small tools each doing one
> thing very well. Then "sysinstall" would merely be a shell script
> combining the parts into a whole. I'm actually starting on one small
> piece of this. Contact me off list if you're interested.

/me is curious

So what is it?  :)

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