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Narvi narvi at
Fri Mar 5 14:57:12 PST 2004

> On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, John Martinez wrote:
> > Oh, you're talking about everything I use Mac OS X for. Things like
> > iTunes, Final Cut, Photoshop and the like?
> >
> > I love FreeBSD, but the applications it runs need a little catching up
> > to do if it wants to compete with its cousin. On that sort of desktop,
> > anyway.
> How much did iTunes, Final Cut, and Photoshop cost?

Lets take Photoshop - Photoshop is a maturte market so a great deal of its
users are upgrading from previous versions of photoshop. which usualy
means that the extra features in version N+1 are worth the money outlay.
They are thus probably in most cases unlikely to want GIMP.

You might convince people who would get photoshop elements to do what you
propose though.

> Maybe if those who pay for this software sent funds to open source
> developers, equivalents can be improved.

But a non-trivial amount of them would go broke - or at least be
finnacialy less well off - because they really needed the next photoshop
version and not GIMP.

> I have used Photoshop in the past for basic tasks and I have found Gimp to
> perform as well as I need.

Sure, for basics you could even do a large stripdown of GIMP.

> I have heard good things about iTunes and Final Cut, but have not used.
> What open source software are their closest alternatives?

I don't think there is one - or even anything close - for final cut.

>    Jeremy C. Reed

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