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Daniela dgw at
Fri Mar 5 13:53:01 PST 2004

On Friday 05 March 2004 18:41, Narvi wrote:
> [only follow up to chat, please]
> On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, Daniela wrote:
> > It would be faster to write and maintain (at least for most people), but
> > it
> It is faster to write and maintainable (full stop).
> > would not run faster. C is fine for projects other than fast, small
> > libraries. I also like shellscript, but only if speed and size are not
> > critical.
> Whetever it would run faster or not is in *MOST* cases not even debatable
> - in most cases, the compiler will generate faster code. Also, when say
> using SSE2 for fp becomes faster than x87 fp, you can simply recompile,
> instead of having to re-write your code. If your asm is good, it is going
> to be scheduled for the processor - again, in some time there will be new
> processors for which fats code is scheduled differently.

I know, by experience, that my code is always much faster than the 
compiler-generated code.

> > I have not even written a million code lines yet, as I'm only 16 years
> > old and have one and a half year of programming experience. But I love
> > that low-level stuff so much that I already think in ASM.
> See, in 3 years you are probably 2x as good as you are now at
> understanding of how computers work, what makes something fast (or not)
> than now. Most of the asm code will in the process turn out to be not
> worth the bother, while some of C might be salvagable, esp glue.

I hope that I will soon understand computers better, as that's after all one 
of my main reasons for participating in such discussions. At least I have the 
will to learn something.
Of course, I don't bother optimizing code where I will not be able to get a 
great improvement. But I'm only a hobby programmer now, so most of the time I 
don't even bother writing programs that can't be optimized well.
I also like C and shellscript and Lisp and numerous other scripting languages 
very much, and sometimes I even write software that the user actually 
interacts with, but I simply like ASM optimization best.
I also love Intercal, but I don't write real software in it. Intercal is just 
for fun, and ASM is just for optimization (and device drivers).

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