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Marina Brown mbrown at
Fri Mar 5 12:31:36 PST 2004

On Friday 05 March 2004 01:09 pm, Johnson David wrote:
> On Thursday 04 March 2004 10:15 pm, Daniela wrote:
> > I'm not speaking of your average code, I'm speaking of high-speed
> > assembly language programs.
> Looking back on this thread, I confirmed my memory that it was somewhat
> on topic with the applications that keep people from dumping Windows.
> When I look around at what people are using on Windows here at work, I
> don't see any high-speed requirements. Intead I see Word, PowerPoint,
> Outlook, etc. These don't need the incremental speed increase that hand
> coded assembly gives you.

IF you want to have more people using FreeBSD - i think the way to do that
is not to seek to have more windows like applications - but to try to educate 
people in using open source programs.

It takes some time to get someone who is used to mcdonalds food to enjoy 
a fine curry.


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