FreeBSD Most wanted

Mike Hoskins mike at
Fri Mar 5 10:10:50 PST 2004

On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, Narvi wrote:
> > I'm not speaking of your average code, I'm speaking of high-speed assembly
> > language programs.
> and how many millions of lines of that have you written and maintained?
> Are you sure it would not be faster if it was re-written in C and compiled
> ?

i think we've wondered off the path, wherever that was to begin with.
there are times and places for everything, including platform-specific
asm.  surely we don't have to get into an argument over something that
obvious, or over something like "usefulness of portable code" -- for that
please refer to CS101 at your closest univsersity.  (actually, that's a
bit hopeful.  the art of writing portable code is often not taught at all,
but painfully learned.)

i just think you both have points, and are speaking past each other.  'how
many millions of lines of that have you written...' is no more proof or
disproof of related statements than how many millions of lines of asm
you've ported to C, compiled, and performance tested.  with or without
that experience, most people with a little experience can point out pros
and cons of both approaches.


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