desktops and 'sysinstall'

Narvi narvi at
Tue Mar 2 19:15:50 PST 2004

On Tue, 2 Mar 2004, .VWV. wrote:

> As for the desktops, the problem is the same like on Linuxes: there is no
> kind of standard.
> I have ever trusted the GTKstep and the KDEstep - now NEWstep from David
> Johnson - as the 'standard' visual frontends.

There is *ONLY* one way - you establish the standard for your desktop
distro -
	* pick gnome or kde [1]
	* make sure it gets installed by default and that the other
	  is not included
	* pick one good tool to do anything
	* integration, integration, integration (everything should for
	  example use the same way to print so there is only one place to
	  configure it, and its nicely graphic so your grandmother can
	  do it)
	* anything that doesn't absolutely seamlessly fit in should be
	  allowed in only on pain of pain.
	* if you can at all, throw everything from previous step out
	* make anything obviously non-core an optional package.
	* don't make things that don't fit the grand scheme optional
	  packages - just leave them out.

This may be highly herectical, but get the Sun JDS demo CD and try it out.
Its not ideal but moving in the right direction.

[1] realistcly, following the next steps is very hard if you don't pick
    one of these two

> .VWV.

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