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Eric Anderson anderson at
Tue Mar 2 11:56:01 PST 2004

Johnson David wrote:
> On Monday 01 March 2004 06:38 pm, Eric Anderson wrote:
>>Just for grins, lets build a list of "features" that we feel FreeBSD
>>needs in order to be on track with the other guys. (this is spawned
>>from the recent grog thread)
> I'm going to harp a bit on the "desktop". From my perspective, the 
> desktop drives the rest of the market. When Windows is on the desktop 
> of every corporate executive then you're going to find Windows in every 
> other niche as well. It's not because these decision makers think 
> Windows is better, it's just that Windows is the ONLY thing that they 
> know.
> So I think that better desktop support in FreeBSD is essential. This 
> doesn't mean dumbing down the system.

I have to agree - however I see two classes of "machines" at a company. 
  Workstations/desktops, and servers.  Even though many corporate execs 
or managers only use the desktop, they all seem to understand that a 
server runs something other than that - be it a different version of 
windows, linux, bsd, etc.  Most only care about the bottom line, and 
that has to do with money and time.  I find that most people have the 
attitude that if it does everything needed, and is going to be supported 
for some amount of time, then it's worth considering.

I saw a statistic somewhere (trade magazine, but not sure which one) 
about a year ago that claimed that something like 70% of IT purchase 
decisions are made by the people who interact with the purchase made. 
So that means that there is a huge influence on what to buy, or what OS 
to install, by the admins and tech's building the box.  Those are the 
people that need to feel "warm and fuzzy" about FreeBSD.

Of course, I am biased, since I am one of those people. But, I already 
feel warm and fuzzy :)


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