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Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Tue Mar 2 08:56:19 PST 2004

> >  o quicker X server autoconfiguration (like kudzu-knoppix and
> > hwdata-knoppix)
> That really a problem? Never taken long here... just two or three
> seconds... not tried it, but XF86 4.4 lookes like it will work uber
> nicely for it...

Does XFree86 4.4 include comprehensive Monitor databases (like
hwdata-knoppix) and automatically use the correct VertRefresh and
HorizSync for your monitor?

Does XFree86 4.4 configuration automatically include the best (common)
resolutions and modes?

Beginners don't want to manually edit their XF86Config. (Defaulting to
depth 8 and the common 640x480 is not good enough.)

I am just getting started with the 4.4 version. (I am helping update it
for NetBSD's "pkgsrc" which is also used under FreeBSD, Linux and

   Jeremy C. Reed

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