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Mon Mar 1 16:06:44 PST 2004

On Mon, 1 Mar 2004 15:40:42 -0500
Matt Jarjoura <matt at> wrote:

> Hello,
> Again, repeating on a message from an earlier email I sent out on
> the list... if RedHat and SUSE are good enough that ISPs are using
> them, instead of saying how silly ISPs are to turn their heads away
> from FreeBSD, we NEED to be looking at what exactly RedHat & SUSE
> have that FreeBSD doesn't.  I doubt it's the cushy corporate
> backing, although Novel will certainly have the inroads necessary to
> see a lot of old Unix machines replaced with their SUSE/Novel boxes.
> A) RedHat and SUSE both have GUI installers.  -- Honestly, how 
> important is it that FreeBSD remain a TUI-only menu based 
> installation-??  Sure it's simple, but screen-shots of it sure don't
> appear appetizing to ISPs in a 2 week window.
> B) RH/SUSE both have great upgrade engines.  -- I forget the command
> line program in FreeBSD that allows you merge old settings w/ the
> new settings.
> C) The FreeBSD Foundation -- Great job w/ releasing Java, but I am
> sure they can pull a lot more strings to start hiring UI Research
> Developers and release their findings under a similar BSD license.
> My last thought here...
> I am not saying FreeBSD should be focused on Desktop users, but
> server admins are starting to get a lot more "desktop-like" features
> from Mac OS X Server, Win 2k3, even RH and SUSE.  Bandwidth for
> running X11 over SSH isn't a problem like it used to be.

The big problem is that freebsd is meant to be done with what ever the
user want's to do with it... meaning... it is like X has few
predefined ways of doing things...

What it needs is a port that provides various management tools.

What would also be useful is a desktop oriented install with possibly
a more friendly looking TUI... which could also start X and auto start

wmdrawer and a few quick scripts could take care of most of it...
still lacking something useful for sysctl... but script that take care
of updating and ect would be no prob to throw together as well as one
for handling some configuration... hmm, could be a interesting little

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