my thoughts on FreeBSD

Johnson David DavidJohnson at
Mon Mar 1 16:01:21 PST 2004

Peter Kieser wrote:

> I started using FreeBSD when I was 12 (so i've been using it for about 5 
> years), and have enjoyed it immensely. Do not change what's proven to 
> attract it's user base. This discussion has been brought up time and 
> time again, and we've always decided to stick with the current way of 
> doing things.

I don't think anyone wants to remove what's attracted the current user 
base. We don't have to do things the "Linux" way. For example, while 
sysinstall definitely needs an update, we still NEED a text mode admin 
tool that is simple and efficient to use. Even if a GUI installer or 
admin tool comes along, no one is arguing that the text mode tools need 
to vanish to make way for it.


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