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> Maybe you mean mergemaster? Mergemaster is very scary... an overhaul of
> that
> part of the process would solve 80% of what makes updating FreeBSD an
> unpleasant experience for the enduser. The rest is pretty painless,
> really,
> once you get used to it. Not to say the other parts couldn't be made
> easier
> for the normal desktop user... but mergemaster isn't even friendly for the
> technically-savvy. :)

I think they just need to revise the mergemaster(8) man page, they need to
explain the concept better. I understood how to use mergemaster after
someone explained it to me properly. I don't see how they could really make
this automated, because so many people have custom configurations and
different environments. However, some of the files processed by mergemaster
could be removed, or there could be an explanation of each file while
running the script.

Peter Kieser
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