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# Again, repeating on a message from an earlier email I sent out on the 
# list... if RedHat and SUSE are good enough that ISPs are using them, 
# instead of saying how silly ISPs are to turn their heads away from 
# FreeBSD, we NEED to be looking at what exactly RedHat & SUSE have that 
# FreeBSD doesn't.  I doubt it's the cushy corporate backing, although 
# Novel will certainly have the inroads necessary to see a lot of old 
# Unix machines replaced with their SUSE/Novel boxes.

I could be wrong in this assumption, but I think a lot of people will
choose RedHat or SUSE over FreeBSD is in part of the support that they
get from those two vendors, and probably have the mentality that
FreeBSD's hardware support isn't up to snuff compared to Linux.

It could also be supply and demand kind of thing where customers will
recognize RedHat and SUSE, along with Linux... those same people may not
have heard or really know about FreeBSD.


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