my thoughts on FreeBSD

Diane Bruce db at
Mon Mar 1 13:28:55 PST 2004

On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 01:08:43PM -0800, Scott I. Remick wrote:
> --- Matt Jarjoura <matt at> wrote:
> > A) RedHat and SUSE both have GUI installers.  -- Honestly, how 
> Actually, it's important for 3 reasons: 
> 1) Compatibility. You can't even depend on 640x480 working on every piece of

  Naw, give them the choice up front and everyone is happy. Yes, sometimes
the installer can't make the video card work in graphics, sometimes you
want to use a serial port. (you are loading a server for example.)

> 2) Speed. I'm still rather green w/ FreeBSD compared to many, but I can fly
> through the FreeBSD setup in just a few mins.

  At least get rid of the confusion in the setup. Its confused me at times,
and I can assure you, I aint no newbie.

- Diane 

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