Just a comment

Mark Murray mark at grondar.org
Wed Jun 30 00:35:01 PDT 2004

"Jim Bodkins" writes:
>    Just a comment, not a complaint. You need to find a means to offer new
> versions that will at least work sooner. I have steadfastly stayed away from
> 5 for the longest time. It looks like I still need to. (You are still
> scaring people away with the - ... but maybe you better not use this ...
> approach :) ). I understand that you are ultra-con's. It just doesnt look
> like I will be using 5.anything anytime soon. :)

This is called "covering your ass" :-). We'd rather have folks cautious
than unwisely using the development track "because its cool".

HOWEVER, trying the development track _is_ cool. Try it on a crash box
sometime and make your own decisions. Things are different, and the
pace of change is fast, but I like it that way.

Mark Murray
iumop ap!sdn w,I idlaH

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