Just a comment

Jim Bodkins bodkins at remote-hosting.com
Tue Jun 29 22:17:29 PDT 2004


   I adore FBSD. But the level of noncomital information regarding new
versions has always annoyed me. I have always wanted to use new versions. I
have always been scared to death by the 'if you are serous - you may not
want to use this' attitude. The result - you (FBSD)  have a clean nose and I
feel as if I am and have been behind for some time.

   Just a comment, not a complaint. You need to find a means to offer new
versions that will at least work sooner. I have steadfastly stayed away from
5 for the longest time. It looks like I still need to. (You are still
scaring people away with the - ... but maybe you better not use this ...
approach :) ). I understand that you are ultra-con's. It just doesnt look
like I will be using 5.anything anytime soon. :)

   I really do adore FBSD. But you guys scare me. (I have used FBSD pre-5 in
many many systems - back to early 3 actually as I recall).

   Rant off. Thanks for all the great work. Honest. I'll check back sometime
in 05. :)


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