One of your employees are very rude.

Devon H. O'Dell dodell at
Sat Jan 31 07:06:12 PST 2004

Ray Bagby wrote:

> Y'know, I understand the IRC individual is not an official representative of
> FreeBSD,
> BUT, he is using the FreeBSD name and pissing people off.
> Is this just something that has to be tolerated?
> Is there no recourse for this type of situation?
> This person, James, gets whizzed on in the name of FreeBSD and when he
> complains,
> he gets the same kinda response you get when you drop by a person's house
> and
> their cute little 2 year old whizzes on your pants leg: "Oh, that happens!".
> The big diff is
> this is a huge organization saying, "Oh well, that kinda thing happens..."
> and the whizzer
> is not some 2 year old who's not potty trained yet.
> The FreeBSD name is trademarked and copyrighted, right?
> Ray


FreeBSD is not a company It does not have employees. It has volunteers.

The name is a registered trademark and is copyrighted. This does not mean you 
don't have the free right to tell people to ``fuck off'' because you do 
development on the FreeBSD platform. It means that you cannot start a similar 
project and use the name ``FreeBSD'' in any part of it.

IRC is not an official support channel for FreeBSD. Don't get riled up if you 
don't get support there. Don't get riled up if you get kicked out and told to 
fuck off. That's IRC.

OTOH, if someone representing the FreeBSD team is insulting over a public and 
official support channel, action can be taken.

Until that time, please keep this stuff private.


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