method for cloning unsupported FreeBSD machines

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Thu Jan 29 18:56:27 PST 2004

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> did you ever determine a suitable solution?  if you do, it may help
> others to post your findings (at least briefly) to the list.  i think
> hearing about freebsd-based solutions would be perfectly on-topic for
> "advocacy" -- but that is your decission.  :)
> later,
> -m

The solution for cloning machines on an internal network seems to me your
own one. For all of us interested in, please look at the posted messages'

The solutions for cloning stand-alone machines seem to me the old ones:
learning 'dump' and 'restore' - NOT available on 'penguins' o.s.', and
burning optical discs with your own compiled packages - .tgz -.

I'll be away for a while, I must setup GNUmail - or Postilion, or Pine, or
Mutt - and the new DSL connection: until that, I'll not post here any more,
otherwise it would be a shame.


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