Oracle Meeting Results

Paul Robinson p.robinson at
Fri Jan 16 00:57:28 PST 2004

Matt wrote:

> Of course, the Oracle marketing engine is concerned if there 
> is a viable
> market for gearing up to do something of this nature.

I think we're seeing a steady migration to FreeBSD from Linux, which in
turn is seeing a steady migration from Solaris, which in turn is picking
up the SCO/AIX/HP-UX strays, so strategically it makes sense.
> In an attempt to placate his concerns about supporting a test download
> like this, we informed him that the FreeBSD community is used 
> to figuring 
> out things on their own, and that we could possibly have a 
> couple of DBA
> contacts within the community act as primary contacts for initial
> support and an oracle specific mailing list.

I'm happy to help out in that regard, and I work for a University in the
UK which has an Oracle site license and my department assists tech
companies in the region, and so I might be able to offer some real-world
support as well. I'm relatively new to Oracle, but am looking forward to
getting my hands on the developer's edition and perhaps rolling out a
real infrastructure.

Paul Robinson

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