Oracle Meeting Results

Jonathan Chen jonc at
Thu Jan 15 14:21:56 PST 2004

On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 01:59:50PM -0800, Matt Olander wrote:
> Today Peter Wemm and I met with Edward Screven the CTO at Oracle to 
> discuss the possiblity of Oracle on FreeBSD natively. The meeting went 
> very well overall and Edward seemed to be cool with the idea.
> Of course, the Oracle marketing engine is concerned if there is a viable
> market for gearing up to do something of this nature.
> What we ended up discussing is a 'not officially supported' development
> version of Oracle downloadable from their website after filling in the
> standard who, what, where, and why type of form with the typical
> disclaimers, which I believe they already do for the other development
> versions.

This is really *GOOD* news!

Thanks for the work guys!
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