Oracle Meeting Results

Matt Olander matt at
Thu Jan 15 14:10:00 PST 2004

Today Peter Wemm and I met with Edward Screven the CTO at Oracle to 
discuss the possiblity of Oracle on FreeBSD natively. The meeting went 
very well overall and Edward seemed to be cool with the idea.

Of course, the Oracle marketing engine is concerned if there is a viable
market for gearing up to do something of this nature.

What we ended up discussing is a 'not officially supported' development
version of Oracle downloadable from their website after filling in the
standard who, what, where, and why type of form with the typical
disclaimers, which I believe they already do for the other development

In an attempt to placate his concerns about supporting a test download
like this, we informed him that the FreeBSD community is used to figuring 
out things on their own, and that we could possibly have a couple of DBA
contacts within the community act as primary contacts for initial
support and an oracle specific mailing list.

I'll keep the list posted as we get any further (or not).

thanks Peter!

Matt Olander
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