Status reports - why not regularly?

Bruce A. Mah bmah at
Wed Jan 14 08:57:24 PST 2004

If memory serves me right, Scott Long wrote:

> There was a hint at suggesting that we should move to the Linux LKML
> model, where someone follows the mailing list and writes brief summaries
> on it.  I think that that would be an excellent project, and I highly
> encourage someone to take that on.

We (the FreeBSD Documentation Project) tried this a few years
was called the "FreeBSD Conspectus".  It never worked real
well...possibly because we tried to use it as a vehicle for
non-committers to demonstrate their ability to get a doc commit bit.
The few people who tried this tended to disappear after a few weeks.
I think we finally removed all this stuff from the Web site last year,
but it's still in CVS somewhere.

Still, if anyone's interested, I'd say go for it.  It doesn't require
any special blessing from core or anyone else to summarize email on a
list and post a report.

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