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Tue Jan 13 23:53:36 PST 2004

--- "Matthew D. Fuller" <fullermd at over-yonder.net>
> I've long been tossing around the idea of writing a
> "BSD for Linux Users"
> sort of essay.  I wanted to approach it, not from
> the direction of
> building a laundry list of command correspondences
> and differences like
> that, but rather by describing some of the design
> philosophy and
> methodology that cause the differences.  My theory
> is that once you
> understand those foundations, the upper-level
> differences are both easier
> to figure out, and make more sense when you do
> figure them out.
> I've had lots of it floating around my head, and
> some bits and pieces
> scratched out in text files floating around my
> homedir.  But I finally
> took a weekend to sit down and try and pull it all
> together.
> It's now on my webpage starting at
> It's rather long (somewhere in the neighborhood of
> 11,000 words), but I
> think it's fairly readable.  I'd be interested in
> any feedback on it,
> especially from Linux users anybody might know
> who've had trouble
> grasping the BSD Way(tm).
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Please do not take offense about the statements below.

1) Adjust the color scheme. It makes it somewhat
difficult to read though the site.

2) It is very critical of Linux users. Perhaps
identifying the similarities between both operating
systems, in that way new Linux users wont be put off
or feel to distanced from BSD. Later on in the page
contrast the differences between the two operating
systems and show both strengths and weakness.

3) Remove personal bias

4) Deeper coverage on packages vs. ports with emphasis
to portupgrade. You may want to consider comparing it
to various Linux distro packaging system so that the
new user can have a reference.

5) Remove "Chaos vs. Order". Your slamming a
development model. Both models have merit (compare and

6) Remove the ego. IE:  "BSD users are a bunch of
elitist self-centered rude snobs." Yup. And proud of
it. "
You can be proud *BSD but ego isn't something that a
new user want to get shoved in their face when they
want to ask a question. Community support and great
doc's are a huge plus to many users (FreeBSD has it).

7) Most important; be objective. IMHO, compare
contrast in an objective manner and allow the person
to make up their mind about *BSD. Set realistic

PS: don't forget to mention that their is ~10,000
prog's in the ports collection. A huge bonus. 

I havent had a chance to go through the entire site.
The above is just a prelim. observation.

I applaud your work in the advocacy of *BSD. Please do
not the above statements in a negative way.  You do
have great foundation to the site. I like the lay out
and the index.

One other thought, how about bumping up the Philosophy
and myths up towards the top and dispel some of the
preconceived notions about BSD.


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