I need some data for a mainstream news artical

Kenneth P. Stox stox at imagescape.com
Mon Jan 12 12:36:26 PST 2004

On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 10:14, Bill Moran wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've managed to get a contact with a local newspaper (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
> and I'm trying to help her put together an article on open source software.
> She's curious to put in some examples of things that run OSS that people might
> not even be aware of (such as TiVo boxes).
> I'm sure that between the various BSDs (especially NetBSD) there are lots of
> devices using OSS.  Some specific examples would be a great help to my
> advocacy efforts in this area.
> Any specifics or pointers to sites or any type of information whatsoever
> would be very helpful!

Sure would be nice to put some dollar figures along with that list. If
it could be done, I suspect that we would find that BSD based systems
are in excess of a $1B/year business. That would definitely draw some

-Ken Stox
 stox at imagescape.com

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