I need some data for a mainstream news artical

Devon H. O'Dell dodell at offmyserver.com
Mon Jan 12 08:19:52 PST 2004

Bill Moran wrote:

> Hello all,
> I've managed to get a contact with a local newspaper (Pittsburgh 
> Post-Gazette)
> and I'm trying to help her put together an article on open source software.
> She's curious to put in some examples of things that run OSS that people 
> might
> not even be aware of (such as TiVo boxes).
> I'm sure that between the various BSDs (especially NetBSD) there are 
> lots of
> devices using OSS.  Some specific examples would be a great help to my
> advocacy efforts in this area.
> Any specifics or pointers to sites or any type of information whatsoever
> would be very helpful!
Apart from the tons of stuff Linux is used for, we use FreeBSD as a platform 
to develop server appliances (DNS, IDS/IDP, mail, etc). I'm not a big NetBSD 
person (run it on an Ultra 1 that FreeBSD won't work on yet), but I imagine 
that if you want to find a BSD that runs on embedded systems, that you check 
out stuff on NetBSD.

NetBSD currently runs on everything, including my toaster ;). To be quite 
serious, it will run on pocket PCs, Dreamcasts, ... you name it. I'd do a 
http://www.google.com/bsd?q=netbsd+embedded search. I believe there's also a 
NetBSD-Advocacy list similar to ours, you may want to ask there (I'm 
forwarding your message to that list as well).

NetBSD folks: let it loose :)


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