Getting attention (was Re: Where is FreeBSD going?)

Joao Schim joao at
Wed Jan 7 06:53:26 PST 2004

On Wed, 07 Jan 2004 14:29:57 +0100
Marian Hettwer <MH at> wrote:

> Nevertheless, it's not the main point.
> The main question was: How to give FreeBSD more PR?
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> Marian

I've always considered the efforts made by Mr. Lucas, writing 
articles and such, quite impressive.. So maybe we just need a
whole lot of writing .. HOWTO's,  handbook translations, plain articles.

Also i hear a lot of people complaining that the VA-software sponsored
sites like slashdot and such are extremely anti-BSD. Cant say im a 
regular visitor of those sites so i wonder if that is a full truth.

btw. does anybody know of a url where a decent comparison in techniques
used in Linux / BSD's / Windows / ...  it so be viewed ? (non sponsored

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