getting the attn of core

Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Wed Dec 29 12:14:10 PST 2004

I think we got the attn of core, yes?

M. Warner Losh wrote:

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>            Nikolas Britton <freebsd at> writes:
> : M. Warner Losh wrote:
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> : >            Nikolas Britton <freebsd at> writes:
> : >: Unless your a member of core or have been at one time your voice 
> is : >: unheard...
> : >
> : >Clearly you have no idea about how core works.  I've read every single
> : >message in this thread, but have thought it better to let it run its
> : >coarse to see what the consensus of the community was.  That's clearly
> : >listening to the voices of all those concerned.
> : >
> : >Warner
> : >
> : >  : >
> : I was generalizing. but now that I got your ear what is the core 
> team : doing about PR and Martketing, and why is the "Public Relations 
> & : Corporate Liaison" seat open? see the "FreeBSD's Visual Identity: 
> : Outdated?" and freebsd foundation threads on -questions for more info.
> We are well aware of the issues here, and have talked about them in
> some depth.  We'd planned on launching our efforts to fix the
> problems, if any truly exist, after the first of the year when people
> are back from their holidays.

Thats good to know, sounds like some progress... keep us informed and 
I'm willing to help if needed.

> Also, there's never been a PR seat, so
> to complain that it is open is like complaining that the village idiot
> seat is open...  That critism is unwarranted. 

Ok (sorry), then there is the first thing to fix, delete it from this 

> In the past, PR has
> been done by the cdrom companies, but their monitary incentives for
> doing that is now way down since cdrom sales have dropped so much over
> the years.  The FreeBSD Foundation is an independent entity, over
> which core has no control.
> Warner

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