Rework of the FreeBSD website [was: FreeBSD's Visual Identity:Outdated?]

Joshua Tinnin krinklyfig at
Mon Dec 27 14:17:41 PST 2004

On Monday 27 December 2004 01:43 pm, Remko Lodder <remko at> 
> Jakob Breivik Grimstveit wrote:
> > Chris Zumbrunn wrote:
> >>First Page:
> >>
> >>
> >>On other pages, where appropriate:
> >>
> >
> > IMHO extremely nice, both of them. A tuneup, but not breaking
> > recognizability.
> >
> > Great work, Chris!
> I like them as well!

I like them, too. However - and please take this as constructive 
criticism - make sure your reds match a bit more closely. The logo and 
the mascot are a lighter (and slightly more blue) shade of red than the 
color of the print, making them look almost pink when they're right 
next to each other.

> How do people see something like a breathcrum? (or whatever it is
> called)

Breadcrumbs. Like crumbs from bread, left as a trail.

> Home -> Documentation -> en_US.ISO8859-1 -> Books -> Handbook
> ( idea)
> Or would that breakup the style? Again, i like this very
> much, just telling my thoughts :-)

I like the idea of breadcrumbs, but I think including the whole name of 
the language is better, because you can see the path in the address bar 
anyway. In that case, it should be:

Home -> Documentation -> English -> Books -> Handbook

- jt

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