FreeBSD's Visual Identity: Outdated?

Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Thu Dec 23 22:09:36 PST 2004

Chris wrote:

> Nikolas Britton wrote:
>>>> From a business perspective we look amateurish.
> I have held off thus far...
>> I REALLY REALLY agree with this point, from the prospective of an 
>> outsider the website and "Image" conveys a real lack of 
>> professionalism, which is not true.
> No you don't - would you prefer multi-colored windows? A penguin? What?

hmm?, fuck no I hate penguins (esp Linux ones), there's nothing wrong 
with chucky

> Are we looking into the geo-political correctness as in the like as 
> the NetBSD project took?

No, just a better image in the enterprises and data centers of the world.

>> I'm looking at the start page for FreeBSD right now and here are the 
>> things I do not like about it (please don't be offended if I step on 
>> toe's and ego's, I am only trying to better FreeBSD):
> Here we go - Let's just re engineer life as we know it. Lets also not 
> offend gays, users of color, males, females, users of religion, users 
> of no religion, users of Windows, users of Linux, users of DOS, users 
> of NetWare, etc, etc, etc.

How did you extrapolate that from what I said? I guess I did step your 
toe's and ego, I was only trying to give constructive criticism.

>> 1. The "FreeBSD" logo is crap, not beastie (he's a keeper!!!, I'll 
>> hunt you down and do bad things to you if you take him away!), Just 
>> the black wannabe (and badly done) 3D effect "FreeBSD" part, really, 
>> I hate it. Redo the whole logo in photoshop with a bold, antialiased 
>> modern web font: (Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Century Gothic, etc.) 
>> and forget the whole 3D effect as that is so 90s. Generally all of 
>> your logo designs are unprofessional (the logos at the bottom of the 
>> page: FreeBSD MALL, UseNix, Daemon News, and Powered by FreeBSD for 
>> example)
> You will do no such thing - see above, read the threads on the NetBSD 
> site as to the redoing of the "logo"

I DON'T want it "redesigned" (like NetBSD did) just re-done... same logo 
just better looking, image is everything you know.

>> 2. I cringe when I see Times New Roman, again redo the whole site 
>> with a modern web font: Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Etc. (ever here of 
>> Cascading Style Sheets?)
> CSS? Isnt that a bit outdated? Isnt that more a Windows thing?

No, it's a web standard: also it would be a 
good idea to look into XHTML:

>> 3. The color scheme is not "complementary" anyone who has been to art 
>> school or taken design classes will know what I talking about, read 
>> up about basic color theory here: 
>> (again, ever 
>> here of Cascading Style Sheets??)
> Guess what mate - most of us are NOT into art. 

Yes I can tell, I was trying to offer some helpfull tips

> Get real. Deal with the OS, not the look and feel of the site. Do I 
> really care if a design has passion blue opposed to blue?


> Do you really thing techies are THAT into pastels?

I don't like pastels ether, to girly, I like bold and neutral colors.

> If you want to re design something (Actually - is sounds like you have 
> been watching way too much TLC) then get a gig on Monster House.

I watch the history channel most of the time or the courses offered by 
the local college on channel 20 , I really think TLC has gone down hill 
with all the trading spaces type shows, though page is cute. It's just 
that I've always had a good eye for this type of stuff.

>> 4. I like the Beastie logo on the boot loader screen but ASCII art is 
>> unprofessional... It would be better if you made the color ASCII 
>> beastie the default.
> Who cares?!?! It's resource friendly tho...

That is true.

>> I have no real issues with the layout of the site and it would be 
>> nice if the installer was more user friendly but I am content with 
>> the way it is, maybe you should change the color scheme of the 
>> installer to match the website?
> Snip - not worth repeating.
>> FreeBSD is badly in need of a PR/Design/Marketing department.
> Maybe you can start, The Queer-Eye for the BSD-Guy.

If thats what it takes to get FreeBSD out of obscurity and into the 
enterprise then yes I will, just look at what apple did with BSD and 
mozilla did with firefox, I don't want to see FreeBSD (or the other 
BSDs) die into obscurity as I really like them.

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