FreeBSD's Visual Identity: Outdated?

Eric Brunner-Williams in Portland Maine brunner at
Thu Dec 23 08:37:53 PST 2004

> I am writing this e-mail hoping that someone will share my thoughts
> on how the world's best operating system should represent its attributes
> and users to the rest of the world.

representations are secondary to function. there are markets for which
this relationship is inverted. cost of entry is in the mid-eight-figure

> Being an architect as well as graphic designer, I feel it is about time
> for a complete revamp of the visual aesthetics of the FreeBSD project.

code is art, and feelings are nice. please fix ebcdic first. unicode too.

> The current logo and everything pertaining to it has long since lost its
> modern touch. I believe that if this image is strenghtened, so is the
> way outsiders view the FreeBSD project and the way they would judge it
> compared to other open source operating systems.

modernity is overrated.

> 1. Not only is the logo misleading (associating evil) but it also looks


>    like something 10-year-olds could produce in Paint Shop Pro ten years
>    ago. OpenBSD has an artistic touch to theirs, however I was very
>    disappointed when I heard that the new NetBSD logo was in effect.

who, other than you, cares?

> 2. If it wasn't for the interesting content and structure of the FreeBSD
>    website, it would be among the less beautiful. Yes, it serves its
>    purpose well by being simple and straight to the point. But a redesign
>    could offer just the same -- simplicity and accuracy -- without being
>    ugly.

break your own website please.

> 3. The installation, even though it's text-only, could also be improved
>    by simple restructuring to act more cognitive and human-centered than
>    previously. Everything pertaining to the eye is important to improve.

break your own loader please.

> 4. There should be some kind of FreeBSD business card and letterhead
>    available to all that support this project.

if i give you one will you agree to do something useful?

> How do I know though, that if I manage to pull together a team to work
> on this refined vision, that we won't be totally ignored even though we
> produce the most magnificent result?

most likely. its troll's fate.

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