FreeBSD's Visual Identity: Outdated?

Carsten Zimmermann cz at
Thu Dec 23 07:12:47 PST 2004

Dear Devon -

I understand that this thread might be heavily annoying to those who are
reading doc@ and advocacy@ for decades now. I admit I am too lazy to
search the mail archives of these last X decades before I reply to a
living thread (I use to do so when I _start_ a thread which might have
been discussed in the past). I have no bad consciousness with that, I'm 

I don't share your point of view that past discussions should not be
re-heated just because there was no evident conclusion the last time.
Who knows if there aren't any parameters changed which could lead to
something this time? In contrast to that, your harsh comments are 
probably suffocating exactly this. To my mind, the posting of the URL in
the archives, which was very helpful, indeed, at an earlier point in this
thread would have done a lot more!

Me, I am no FreeBSD sourcecode jockey by now nor am I a webdesigner. I'm
a FreeBSD adocate and maybe some sort of potential doc-writer. But that
doesn't matter either - I USE FreeBSD and this makes me, FreeBSD being a
community driven project, a stake-holder who wants to take part on this
discussion. And there's many to which the above applies!

I am willing to help, be it through actually commiting patches,
templates, (...) or just through _opinion_. Conscensus was that there is
hardly anyone who wants to have a lot of work (and spent free-time)
sacrificed just because nobody seems to want what has been produced in
the end. 

These people should be backed and encouraged through community's
_opinion_. That's why it is just right to continue this thread even
though it has been discussed *a lot* in the past. Maybe it concludes to
something _this_ time. 

I agree, however, that those contributing to this thread should take
advantage of the past discussion: we don't need to reinvent the wheel
every halt a year... But this can only be achieved if the people who
know it's been discussed before - people like you - give polite hints on
where to find the information.


Am Thu Dec 23, 2004 at 02:2926PM +0100 schrieb Devon H. O'Dell:
> Carsten Zimmermann wrote:
> >Hello -
> [snip]
> >The website: The website is fine. It serves its purpose as stated before.
> >But imagine being a network technician convincing your employer to move
> >applications to The Great OS. I think the current FreeBSD website pretty
> >much suggests as FreeBSD being a `geek? project. It can't be our aim that
> >FreeBSD is considered unserious, FreeBSD definately needs trusting
> >companies to raise its market penetration. And company's stake holders are
> >(most often) easily tempted by visual impressions. Thus, the website
> >itself is the primary marketing material in my eyes and I think there is
> >great need of redesigning it in the midterm view.
> >
> >That much from me,
> >Carsten
> >
> [snip]
> I really hate to have to say this in such a crude way, but this 
> discussion has always and will always boil down to this: put up, or shut up.
> There are a LOT of goals that have been set for this project, and nobody 
> has ever stepped up to help do them. Don't know what to do? The thread's 
> really in the archive, go check it out!
> Other ideas to discuss? Put a bit of energy behind it and do the things 
> instead of discussing them.
> Again, sorry for the coarseness, but people never seem to understand 
> this when this subject is brought up.
> Kind regards,
> Devon H. O'Dell

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