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Sun Dec 5 18:49:13 PST 2004

On 5 Dec 2004 at 21:12, Mit Rowe wrote:

> I have also considered it my duty to encourage FreeBSD mirrors in 
> Canada, but I have been constantly frustrated by my ability to have 
> corporations provide long-term resources to the FreeBSD Project in terms 
> of WWW, FTP, and CVSUp mirrors of the FreeBSD releases, source, and 
> documentation.
> This frustration has led me to think of turning to the government of 
> Canada, starting from the Communications Research Centre (an agency of 
> Industry Canada) and working my way up, looking for either them to host 
> the FreeBSD mirror or provide a grant to someone to do so.

I know the folks at NRC that run the

> However, before i speak for the FreeBSD Project, i believe that i am 
> honour-bound to request feed back on my intent and method; therefore, i 
> ask your feedback, comments and advice on the following letter i think i 
> should send first to info at and see what kind of feedback i receive 
> from them (which i would report back).
> Also, perhaps any lurking Canadians out there could hold up their hands? 
> I sometimes feel pretty lonely out here in this corner of the world :-)

Have you seen ?
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