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Wed Apr 28 08:10:13 PDT 2004

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The Greater Utah BSD User Group has been invited to participate in the
2004 XMission [1] Linux InstallFest on May 15, 2004.

We of GUBUG [2] would humbly ask anyone in the BSD advocacy communities
that have any promotional / informational materials that would prove
useful to please contact us!

Some of the things we are after include:

- - An "Okay, I'm installed.  What do I do now?" pamphlet.

- - Promo gear (tshirts, posters, paperweights, etc.) to hand out;
  anything we can get our hands on.

- - Daemons and such to have sitting around our booth (booth babes

- - Anything else even remotely BSD-related.

I'm perfectly willing to fork out a little cash to get some promotional
stuff, but I thought I'd ask for donations first. ;-)

The purpose of XMission's annual installfest is to provide facilities
and resources to newbies (and veterans) alike to meet with those more
experienced with installing Linux.  This will be the first year that
GUBUG will be involved.

When attendance at the previous 2 installfests is taken under
consideration, it is not unreasonable to extrapolate that this will be
an event of some significance.  This will be an excellent opportunity to
reach a large number of interested parties and casual observers.



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