*BSD on Distrowatch

peter lageotakes plageotakes at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 12 12:17:19 PDT 2004

Good morning Advocacy,

"Your requests fulfilled: *BSD projects now included
in DistroWatch"

Distrowatch has now announced that they will be
placing various *BSD's on their website. And in the
article the author is requesting additional
information about *BSD.  A small excerpt from the

"The three pages are somewhat incomplete at the
moment, but they will be expanded in the next few days
with the addition of historical releases, as well as
their respective development trees, updated daily.
Other information will also be added - if you know of
any related web sites and resources, recent reviews
and other useful information, please mention them in
the forum below, or email me directly. I have to admit
that I never really used any BSD distribution and I
would welcome some information about things like
multilingual support, journaled file systems and any
information missing from the tables. Are there any
BSD-specific packages that would be useful to track?
If so, mention them and I'll do my best to include
them in the tables. Other BSD projects listed on this
page will also be included in due time."

I will be making suggestions a little later today, can
anyone else lend a hand?  I think that this would be
some great exposure (imho).


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